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Name:Ashley Carrey
Birthdate:Mar 17
From his IMDB profile:

Recently named most beautiful man of the year by People Magazine for the second year in a row, Ashley Carrey is a young and old person's movie star. Discovered in London, Carrey quickly took the scene with his charisma, good looks and charming personality. He is a person that no one can forget once they meet him.

Ashley Carrey has stared in the following movies:

* My Golem Love (Won English Actor's Guild for best actor)
* The movie adaptation of the beloved children series, Griffin Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Unicorn Saver
* On the Hills (for which he was nominated for an English Actor's Guild)
* The Pirate King of Australia
* Alexander the Great
* High School Mix-Up
* High School Mix-Up 2: There go the clones
* Lord of the Rings, the musical.

Up Coming Projects:

* All My Loves, All My Years- A reincarnation romance
* High School Mix-Up Three: The Time Travel Mess.

Ashkari on the other hand is a god of the undead and necromancy. Posing as an actor he uses his influence to gain supporters and worshipers.

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((Ashley Carrey is in no way Robert Patterson. Ashley Carrey/Ashkari is of my own creation and is being used for Role Play purposes only. Ashley Carrey is part of the Dawn of the Old Gods universe, along with Theo Sammeth [personal profile] deadmanbusiness, Melkor [personal profile] deadandvoid, Kale Daly[personal profile] engineermage, Trever Daly[personal profile] reincarnshaman, Eric Teague [personal profile] nottheritestuff, Rory McCallum [personal profile] crowschild and Ceilidh McCallum [personal profile] princessstabbity

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