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Hello, you've reached Ashley Carrey.

I'm assuming that since you have this number you're important enough for me to want to talk to you.

Leave your name and number and I'll get back to you.


Ta darlings!

Line to permissions
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Ashkari is a god of the undead and necromancy. In his world it means that's he able to control and create the undead. He's able to hide his godly presence and appear to be an ordinary human. It helps with his acting career.

As he is a god of the undead he'd be able to tell who is an undead and who's alive. Though theoretically as his powers derive from his own world it's possible that he's can't tell if someone is undead or not. If you don't wish for him to do so, please let me know.

Please also know if there's anything he'd be able to get from your characters about their undeadness.

Permission would be liked to tell this - and he will not try and control any characters without prior discussion.
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The club was called Woolen Cloak. While it was a very rural and almost British sounding in its name, the club was actually one of the hottest spots for up and coming movie star hopefuls, undead, and those who were around to be seen to be seen. It was a terrible play on words that took several rounds of logic to decipher. It went something like this: Sheep had wool. There was that saying ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, which was for tricking and hiding your true self. And a lot of the people who came there dressed up as something they weren’t. Also vampires could be considered wolves in human’s clothing and they liked the club. They had sharp canines. Wolves were canines as well. It was apparently Los Angeles being clever.

Or it was Hollywood being what it thought was clever.

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